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Natural Health

Fresh…..New…. Opportunity..
Begin…. Expand…Grow..
Revitalize…. Renew… More..

Do these words excite you?

They should! Because our natural human desire is to become more of who we are… to raise our vibration, to elevate our state of being, and to maximize our potential. Whether its health, beauty, education, financial growth, enriched relationships, spiritual advancement, or just plain joy…
… the beginning of a New Year, and other significant calendar dates and events, are excellent markers to signal to us that it is time to act on what it is that we want and what has great meaning to us.

While I was spending reflective alone time last month wrapping up the year and preparing for the new one, I decided to list the steps that were helpful to me in accomplishing things so that I could duplicate it for further accomplishment. I decided to share these with you in thinking it would be a good way to start out the newsletter in the New Year! And if this can inspire you to create what you want then that means I’ve accomplished one of my goals!

Here are the “18 Steps” that I think are vital in realizing and creating what it is what we want… and that includes all dreams!

“18 Steps”

1. The “Internal Signal”
–The urge, the longing, the nudge
–This is not something you do, this happens to you
–It up wells within you

2. Get Quiet
–Listen to more of what is signaling you

3. Discovery
–Information you receive when you get quiet
–This is where you ‘disconnect’ to ‘connect’

4. Discern
–This is active work
–Consciously looking at the authenticity of what is there
–Is it your ego or your soul?

5. Vision
–Letting your vision open to see all possibilities, and know that there are many more that you don’t see

6. Desire
–This is what fuels the process

7. Intention
–Here is where you formulate your conscious intention for what it is that you want

8. Plan
–This is where the practical application starts

9. Implement
–This is where the action happens carrying out the plan and building upon the previous foundational steps

10. Determination
–More fuel

11. Faith
–Operational at all times – especially at the places when things do not always go as planned – you call upon this to carry the process

12. Gratefulness
–Gratitude is a huge part of this co-creative process

13. Openness
–Mandatory ~ without being open there is no ability to receive

14. Receptivity
–Being able to receive is critical and it is difficult for the action oriented because it is passive
-This is the place for the activation of feminine energy

15. Claim It
–Once it is received then it is important to claim it (this can be challenging for the more shy humble person)
-It is the place for activation of the male energy

16. Be It
–Start incorporating this ‘state of being’ into your identification of self

17. Have It
–You own it – it is you – you have it

18. Live It
–Remember this is what it is all about in the first place: Living Your Dream or having what it is you want
-It can truly manifest!

Benefits of Nettle Leaf Infusions For Women’s

Did you know that an herb called Stinging Nettles is very beneficial for women’s health? It is so nourishing for women of all ages that they can drink and use the infusion on a daily basis. For the young teenage woman, the young pregnant woman, the woman working outside the home in the hectic world and the working woman inside the hectic home, as well as the menopausal woman, nettles have been used by all of us for thousands of years.

Nettle infusion taken daily or at least several times a week restores health and re-energizes us. It builds our blood, expands our cells to metabolize nutrients more effectively and nourishes our reproductive and hormonal systems. It nourishes us from the inside out, and the outside in. You can even use the infusions on your skin and hair! A hair rinse and skin wash tones the hair, gets rid of fungal and bacterial infections and acne.

For teenagers, nettle can ease the pre-menstrual symptoms and provide nourishment to all the glands and organs. There’s plenty of calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and other nutrients for the whole body. And they can make their own hair rinses, skin washes and herbal baths for health, beauty and self-confidence.

For pregnancy, nettle is rich in vitamin K and iron, exactly what a pregnant woman needs, especially during her last trimester. This plant has a reputation for reducing the hemorrhage and serious effects from postpartum hemorrhage. Nettle improves quality and quantity of breast milk. It provides calcium and other minerals essential to you and your body to make your milk nutrient-dense!

For the working women nettle nourishes your adrenals. Adrenal exhaustion creeps in during this stage because we take care of everyone around us instead of ourselves. Now is the time to take care of ourselves, nourish the adrenal glands back to health and check any conditions that are becoming chronic.

For menopause nettle can help stabilize our hormones and our energy. It helps ease those night sweats and soothe our nerves when we become irritable. Nettles nourish us as we settle into a new stage of our life.

Recipe For Beautiful Skin

There are a myriad of ideas for health, beauty, body care, facial care…now here’s another great technique to help you on your way to healthier skin.

The energized facial is one way to slow down, relax and give your face some added TLC. It is a great, easy and natural therapy for beautiful skin – and takes less than 5 minutes!

How To:

1) Rub palms of hands together briskly 35-40 times – you will feel the energy and heat build up.

2) Relax and hold hands (palms towards face) in front of face – about an inch away from your skin.

3) BREATHE – in for a count of five, out for a count of five. Do this five times.

When To:

1) While washing face – rub hands together as above – then wash face as usual feeling the energy penetrate as you cleanse.

2) After applying your favorite treatment mask – help the mask work even better by using this technique.

3) Nightly when lying in bed before sleep, after completing your evening skin care regimen and applying your nightly creams and lotions.

4) As a weekly facial after applying your favorite essential oil or blend

One way I’ve learned to use this is while in the tub. After washing my face I apply my favorite facial oil blend or beauty product, get a wash cloth wet with as hot a water as I can stand, and lay it over my face. I then do the hand-energy technique over the wash cloth and following with a cool water rinse.

Solutions To Popular Health Dilemmas

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