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Yoga Unlocks Beauty

What qualities do you long to perceive in yourself? Do you feel that you can only change ‘that’ much of you? If this is so, you are not yet familiar with the fundamental truth of Yoga: “The body is the temple of the spirit, conceived in the image of its maker”. Through consistent yoga practice, students soon become aware of the infinite power and beauty of their own individual body. Indeed others around will be quick to perceive “something different” in you- be sure to share your secret with them. Yoga’s breathing, stretching and meditation exercises promote optimal physical and mental health that shows.

Yoga’s ingenious postures trigger positive changes in your metabolism and functioning of your endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems by direct stimulation of organs and glands. The Shoulder Stand stimulates your thyroid gland, having an important direct positive effect on weight regulation. Yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) are designed to trigger burning of excess body fat, to enhance detoxification processes and expulsion of toxins through our breath, and prove extremely effective for tension-relief, promoting a relaxed state and elevated awareness. Charismatic people transmit beauty through this irresistible combination of positivity, humility and self-confidence.

Positive changes in your mood and stability, and improved well-being, are essential factors contributing to your choice of foods that have a desirable effect on your organism and keep a healthy chemical balance in your brain. Awareness of your body’s response to different foods is crucial in unmasking food allergies that place an unnecessary burden on your organism.

Toning of your muscles from head to toes is achieved in yoga by holding poses for extended time durations (as with the Locust for firming your legs, the Bust Exercise for firming and developing your chest and bust, or the Bow for firming flabby areas of your back), by attaining postures in slow motion (as with the Slow Motion Firming for intensive firming of the abdomen and thighs), and by executing fast paced routines in a rhythmic flow to encourage flux and reposition of somatic energies (as with the Sun Salutations). Yoga breathing techniques are extremely powerful in developing your abdominal wall.

As well as working on your figure, yoga exercises promote beauty of your complexion, as does the Lion by firming the muscles of your face and neck, and healthy appearance of your hair, as does the Scalp Exercise. Still, yoga goes further to enhance your beauty. Its techniques, inspired to some degree by stretches seen in our feline friends, will impart unprecedented flexibility to your spine, and this you can maintain throughout your life. An ancient yogic adage claims “You are as young as your spine is flexible”. As you develop an erect posture and gain poise and balance in your movement through yoga exercises like Rishi’s Posture or the Dancer’s Posture, you will feel a youthful spring return beauty to your movements, this blended with growing confidence and stability.

In terms of evolutionary theory it makes perfect sense: healthy in and out is beautiful, the law of the fittest. It is no secret that a great part of admired personalities turn to yoga practice and meditation for health, beauty, inspiration and clarity and alertness of the mind. You too owe yourself to embarque on this journey to your unprecedented wellness.

Beautiful Glowing Skin Can Be Yours Too

There is a lot of difference between a superficially beautiful and a naturally beautiful glowing skin. While the former is somewhat easy to achieve, its effects are applicable to the superficial layer of the skin alone. It doesn’t last long and its glow usually wears off in a few months.

However, if you talk about a naturally beautiful glowing skin, it is something achieved by working from the innermost layer of the skin. Since it affects all the layers of the skin, the results are effective and permanent too.

So, how can you get this naturally beautiful glowing skin?

Simply by using an ideal skin care cream which can work from inside out ensuring that there is no imbalance or deficiency in the skin, nurturing it gently and making it strong and healthy from inside and beautiful and radiant from outside.

This seemingly impossible thing is not something which can be achieved by any mundane skin care cream. This capability is blessed in a few powerful natural substances only. And when these substances are collected from all over the world, mixed together in right form and proportion; then they form the world’s most effectual and magical skin care formula.

Some such key natural substances are:

1. Extrapone Nutgrass Root

This plant root from India helps in reducing the Melanin content in the skin. Melanin is the skin coloring pigment which when produced in excess due to the harmful UV sun rays, starts depositing in the upper layer of the skin taking the shape of ugly age spots.

Extrapone thus prevents age spots and makes the skin evenly colored, whiter and brighter.

2. Cynergy TK(TM)

It is a special wool extract from the sheep of New Zealand. It works by commanding the body to produce more Collagen and Elastin. These two are the skin proteins, the lack of which results into the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cynergy thus prevents lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin smooth, firm and elastic.

3. Active Manuka Honey

This honey from the Manuka bush of New Zealand, gently nurtures the skin. It provides the required nourishment and hydration to even the deepest layer of the skin and keeps it healthy. It also protects the skin from free radical damage and facilitates the process of rejuvenation of old damaged skin cells.

Manuka honey thus helps in bringing the lost health, beauty and radiance back into the skin.

These ingredients thus not only bless you with a young beautiful glowing skin but also make sure that it remains healthy for years to come.

Discover Health and Beauty

Health and beauty are two words that no woman on earth can be indifferent to; they tickle the brain centers of professionals and housewives alike, irrespective of their age, religious background, skin color and marital status.

We cannot overlook the influence that appearance can have on the personality of the individual; nor can we deny the impact it has upon the surrounding world. Due to the medical and technological advances that the modern world has witnessed of late, for example smart liposuction, as well as to the steady preoccupation of researchers and scientists to find new means of improving the quality of our life, we are now offered a wide range of solutions to set back the clock a bit and keep our youthful look for years.

The cosmetic surgery industry, particularly in liposuction treatment, is continually working towards providing ever more reliable aids against aging while the development of plastic surgery allows miraculous adjustments whenever diet and sports fail to perform. Fashion comes to complete the series of improvements that any woman deserves in her life. Is there anything else that you need to feel confident in your future? Actually, there is one thing you must do in order to get closer to what this century has in store for you: keep your eyes open to change and learn from others what exactly has helped them on the road of health, beauty and self-esteem; keep up with the latest products available and devise your own plan to reach perfection. There are myriad ways in which you can boost your looks and personality alike; you only have to find them.

The online world is crammed with valuable information on each and every sector that a woman might be interested in. Can you check it all in a lifetime? Even if you could, it might prove too complex and thus overwhelming. What you need is guidance through the richness of material intended for the woman of the third millennium, a selection of the most successful tips and tricks that you should know so as to become a better you. You need to gain knowledge of what the stars do to be always glamorous and thus learn the shortest way to beauty and style.